The Awards Process

Here is how the award process will run;

a) Open submission for top 20 kids in each category in each age group across all counties in the country

b) A nominee selection panel (“Nominee Selection Panel”) set up by the Organizers decides on the top 20 participants per category to make it to the list;

c) The list of nominees is released to the public for voting in each category;

d) An executive voting panel (“Executive Voting Panel”) will then contribute 40% to the tally of votes while the public contributes 60% in the final voting round to determine the winner in each category and the overall Africa Kids Awards of the Year winner in each country;

e) Once the category winners have been determined in each county and each age group, these individuals will then enter into the second phase of voting, pitting them against their category winning counterparts competing for the National category trophy, with 60% of the determination being by the public and 40% by National executive Voting Panel.